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Test Prep

Your Custom-Made PSAT & SAT Test

Tutoring To Go, LLC has several options to help your child with taking the PSAT and SAT.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or specific requests.




Due to an overwhelming response, our SAT tutoring services currently have a waitlist!  Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the timeline of services for your child.

SAT Preparation

Are you looking for a way to prepare your high school student for the SAT's?  Has your child already taken the SAT's and you both want to improve in a specific area? If so, you may be interested in speaking to us about our SAT preparation option.

Content Test Preparation

Does your child have difficulty taking tests?  Does he or she display anxiety or have other behaviors that detract from their success on exams?  If so, you may be interested in speaking to us about our content test preparation option.


Hourly sessions 

You and your assigned tutor determine a schedule that works for your busy life.  Sessions may be broken into hour sessions, however, scheduling is flexible.  If your child needs more or less time, we can meet those needs.  Session fees range from $36 to $41 an hour for individual sessions.  Please contact us with group session requests.


Session Focus

Sessions are specially designed to meet your child's individual needs.  Most tutors for SAT preparation have a math or an English focus, so if you are interested in tutoring for both areas you may have two tutors.  Pricing is noted above.  With that in mind, information such as PSAT scores, prior SAT scores, grades from core content classes and other pertinent information can be shared with your tutor.  All tutors sign privacy disclosure contracts, so your information is kept confidential. 

One-to-One or Small Group Test Preparation Options
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