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Testimonials for Orton Gillingham remedial reading tutoring:
Testimonials for general tutoring:
Students in Classroom

“I again want to thank you and Lauren for doing all that you did to help my son.  He has been diagnosed with dyslexia.  I was just in a meeting with the teachers/school psychologist, and special ed teacher.  I gave them all of the information that Lauren worked with him on.  They said "that was money well spent" and they noticed that on the tests they were giving him, he was using the skills Lauren taught him.  You guys are amazing and I am just thankful that I found you when we did.” 

— Parent testimonial


"I just wanted to say thank you to you and Lauren for helping out my son. He is doing so much better in school now. Thank you for everything that you do."

— J. R., parent



"Ben has a great appraoch with our daughter.  He is patient and positive with her."

— Parent testimonial


“Michelle is wonderful and we love her!”

— Parent testimonial


“Maggie has been extremely helpful in reienforcing the math concepts she (our daughter) is learning in school.”

— Parent testimonial





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