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Looking for training?

Email Dr. Pizzo to ask about presentations that can be tailored for your needs.  Are you looking for parent workshops?  Do you need educator training?  Email Dr. Pizzo at to inquire about how we can meet your child's specific needs.

Former Sessions

Session #1: Study Tips and Non-phonetic Words


The session will focus on how to help you help your child study for content tests. We will also cover ways to teach your child to read and spell non-phonetic words such as "people" and "done" through phonology, morphology and etymology.  Please sign up to ensure materials for all attendees.  Please register as space is limited.

Session #2: Using Morphology in Vocabulary Instruction

The session will focus on how to utilize morphologial awareness to learn new words. Affixes and bases will be explored and attendees will work through the relationships morphemes have within words.

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